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Tooling & Consumables supply. Process, Safety, Vibration & Inventory Management.

MEI Unitech

Incorporated in 1988, MEI Unitech’s focus is identifying, resolving and improving manufacturing processes taking into consideration safety and low vibration methods. MEI customers draw upon the wealth of experience and expertise, as demonstrated, that can be applied to help achieve process goals resulting in enhanced competitivity. Typical partner industries range from engineering manufacture in all its guises from an independent machine and fabrication shop, power generation, automotive, right through to the Aerospace sector. Our product portfolio gives a brief outline of our core products of which there are many more variants. Along with being a tooling and consumable supplier, our services include inventory and vibration management. Please feel free to contact us for a discussion, appraisal and assessment of ways in which we can share and help improve your management and manufacturing processes. We buy into your problems in order to reach a satisfactory solution and endeavour to exceed your expectations.

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